I, Tushiyah Yisrael am the Owner and CEO of YissraelBeauty Brand! I have had Locs for over 20 years and have been maintaining others Locs for 10 years! Locs are apart of my culture and when I came to Raleigh, NC at 12 years old from Atlanta, GA my family and I brought our culture with us! I started many persons Locs way before I knew that being a Loctician would be the forefront of my career. I went through many phases of life before I was guided into my passion. Roadblocks that I put on myself in life is why I had to create an opportunity when one didn’t present itself. I am a dedicated, diligent style worker! Overall the fire that fuels me in my life is Yakira Eli’ana Yisrael, my heiress. I am a mother and Servant of the true and living ELOHIM (GOD), my passion as both keep me. I feel purposed to make an impact on every person that comes in contact with me, and I will do just that.